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"Phantomania" in figures and pictures

Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman

The musical 'The Phantom of the Opera' by Andrew Lloyd Webber was titled 'The Show of the Century' - during 4 years it gathered $ 4.5 billion - more than any other stage show, movie or series in history!

Charles Dance in the 1990 year movie

More than 20 movies were made after Leroux' novel

The Index page of one of English phan-sites

"Phantom of the Opera Nexus" - the thematic portal-guide - had had more than a thousand of English-language phan sites. "Why no Russian one?" - I thought and decided to create this site

The cover of
Brigitta d'Arcy's novel

During the recent years about 15 books or more were written after the classic plot, among them 'Phantom' by Susan Kay, "Masquerade" by Terry Pratchett, "Le Fantome: the last days of his life and his soul rescue" by Brigitta d'Arcy and others.

The Parisian Tale

Роза для Эрика
&quotThe Phantom of the Opera is there - inside my mind..."

The necessary preface

You're on the index page of the Russian-language fan site dedicated to the Phantom of the Opera legend. In the world Internet thousands of sites, photos, reviews, phanphics are dedicated to this legend. Being a Phan, I decided that it was time to make a comprehensive site in our Russian Internet, too. Welcome to the legend!

I invite all those who believe in the magic power of Music, and those who hasn't forgotten that Love is omnipotent, to join me in a journew through space and time.

A note. Here on the site I welcome both phans and those who doesn't know anything of this story. This journey is created to be interesting even for those who have never heard the title 'the Phantom of the Opera' before. But I hope that phans will also be able to find here something interesting. Especially in the 'Legend continues' section.

The Paris Opera

The short history of the opera, its designing, architecture and building; includes a link to the 'virtual tour' on the Opera
The Paris Opera

Gaston Leroux

His short biography
Gaston Leroux

Leroux' classic novel

An illustrated review with links to articles on different details of the novels
Leroux' classic novel

The Lon Chaney movie

The highly-praised silent film and the astounding portrait of the Phantom by Lon Chaney
The Lon Chaney movie

Other films

A short essay, containing a link to the more comprehensive review with movies annotations and links to the movie reviews
Other films

The musical by A.L.Webber

The story of the musical and its triumph all over the world; contains a link to my

Michael Crawford bilingual site.

The musical by A.L.Webber

Other Phantom books

Reviews on several Phantom books
Other books

The Yeston/Kopit musical and the Charles Dance movie

A review of the aforementioned musical and movie
The Yeston/Kopit musical and the Charles Dance movie

The legend continues

What is going on in the Phantom world now; the place for the Phantom phans to meet and enjoy
The Legend Continues

The Phantom sites in the world Internet

The International Links

Russian sites dedicated to theatre and music

Also links

Russian sites dedicated to the theatre and music

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